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that the fbi is going to want to present in court. but it may help lead the investigation and/or lead to questioning of her. we certainly can find that out. >> so they can actually get that? people are saying, look, that is incredible. >> no, welcome to america. all of that stuff is being captured as we speak. whether we know it or like it or
you've been seeing today. >> reporter: well brooke about 12:30 today there were six fbi officials sitting in two cars outside katie russell's house. and just a russell's attorney two of them pulled up parked in katie russell's driveway and went inside her house. two minutes late five of those six fbi officials went inside katie russell's houseleft. so fbi officials have been inside katie russell's parent's house for the last hour and 20 minutes. now, of course we don't know yet what isg some investigating and perhaps talking to katie russell, trying to get more information from her. but it has been a while now. and what i can tell you, brooke also is that fbi officials have been stationed outside katie russell's house for the past week or so and they have been here around the clock. there are also fbi officials who have stationed in neighboring areas, sort of just waiting in case something happens and we saw an incident this weekend where we saw katie russell's mother leaving the house, and fbi officials from to see stop her. so, brooke there has been a lot of
.m. eastern, 1:00 p.m. pacific. mr. blitzer take it away. >>> jake thanks very much. happening now, the fbi has a lap top belonging to one of the boston bombing suspects. investigators are paying fresh attention to the widow of the other. latest details. federal officials launch an investigat human trafficking after two women complained they were treated like slaves at a saudidiplomat's home. as the immigration debate rages on home president obama is in mexico right now about to take questions from reporters. we'll have live c this hour. i'm development in the boston bombing investigation. federal officials say the fbi has a lap top computer belonging to the suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. this comes as the widow of his older brother tamerlan comes under fresh scrutiny from federal investigators. let's begin our coverage this hour with our national correspondent deborah feyerick joining us from new bedford, massachusetts.wolf we can tell you we're here at t dartmouth,orth of the men who were taken in and arrested yesterday. they are about four miles away in new bedford. h
for the next big thing. ut there's an authenticity accepting no matter who you are. f.b.i. former investigator david williams talks about f.b.i.'s role in the boston bombings. later british prime minister david cameron. >> david williams is our guest. he's a former f.b.i. investigator. host: 01 to get your insight on the fbi's role in the boston bombing case. looking at whether or not he had terror training overseas. what is the fbi's role in tracking a suspect like this and they travel overseas? guest: the fbi leads counterterrorism investigations and all the tentacles attached to it. the fbi does have some -- there are a number of legal attache offices in various countries throughout the world. they work with the host country law enforcement and counter-terrorism services, never alone, to run down leads that are necessary for successful prosecution. the work being done overseas will be led by the fbi because they are leading the investigation. there will be linkages with other agencies overseas as well to try very hard to get to the bottom of what is going on verseas. >> we saw that the fbi
. the source described the conversation as vague. they turned it over to the fbi in the last few days. the source was not aware for a reason of the delay and did not offer an opinion of whether it would have given the fbi enough reason to justify a closer look at tamerlan tsarnaev. there's a little more information here but i want to get to our tom fun tes who has information on this and suz zan candiotti. let's go to tom. tom, what does this tell you of an intercept of a conversation here. where does this take this conversation now? well it just was received in the last couple of days that they intercepted the conversation. the shame is that, you know, in 2007 when the first letter came from the russians, the investigation was conducted at that time, they did not provide the underlying basis for why they believed tamerlan or the younger son was being radicalized. so there was no way to know were they picking up rumors on the street or was there some for definite information. that doesn't come out until this week when they finally say guess what, we had a wiretap. now the fbi going th
a brief court appearance. attorneys from two addressed the reporters. >> he assisted the f.b.i. in this investigation and he's just as shock horrified by the violence in boston. >> he cooperated fully with the authorities and looks forward to the truth coming out in this case. >> according to the criminal complaint, three men all frens of dzhokhar tsarnaev believed he was one of the bombing suspects. based on evidence of bomb making in johar's suite. after a text from johar, it is alleged that the three men alleged they would never see their men again and collectively decided to throw the backpack and fireworks in the trash. they didn't want tsarnaev to get into trouble. last week the f.b.i. searched the land fill and the criminal complaint does not allege that they were told to destroy evidence does have compeeling details about the case. the f.b.i. released the suspects. a month before the marathon bombing, johar told his friend said he knew how to build a bomb. news was breaking and the new arrest undercut the assessment that the tsarnaev brothers were lone. >> the investiga
of an explanation why that happened, as well. the third thing was the fbi searching a landfill in new bedford, mass. now we know what they were looking for and now we know that they found it. it all started to unravel here this morning at a hearing in front of a federal immigration judge in boston. these were the two men who were picked up on immigration violations the morning after the bombing suspect was caught. they attended this hearing with the immigration judge this morning via video conference. their images got beamed into the courtroom via satellite from where they sat in the suffolk county jail. the judge told them they were being held in prison for overstaying their student visas. their lawyers disputed that was true, but importantly, these young men were also told this morning at this first hearing since they were first arrested, they were told they are not charged with any crime. not charged. that was this morning. this afternoon, that changed when the fbi released this criminal complaint describing they might not have been charged with anything this morning, but as of this afternoon, t
that information? would the fbi have done more if it had that information sooner? our experts fwhaeg on that. the only man that knows a motive behind thees keeping his mouth shut today. the suspect is staying quiet, dzhokhar sar nef. boston's baseball caps piling up at the memorial for the victims behind meear from the emotional visitors for the next two hours here on cnn. meantime, let's get to the latest. attorney general eric holder taking some heat for defending the timing on reading the boston bombing suspects his miranda rights. white house core departments and at the white house correspondents dinner last night holder spoke exclusively to cnn about his decision. athena jones has more from washington. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder under fire from republicans for agreeing to a judge's decision to read the boston bombing suspect his miranda rights. dzhokhar has since clammed up. valuable sfogs out of reach. speaking to cnn holder answered that for the first time at white house correspondents dinner. >> the decision to mirandize him is one that the magistrat
the f.b.i. is done with the computers, they find links to anwar al-awlaki websites. we do know from youtube page he was following another extremist imam, someone who is in favor of violence against non-believers and have said that openly on his website. an australian cleric out of lebanon. >> paul: knees people are very heart hard to detect. because they are operating by themselves. what do you do at nypd to make sure that you defect these people before they become violent? >> the signals are very faint to detect radicalization. essentially nypd tried to be creative and create trip wires in a variety of places, travel overseas, absolutely, zone of conflict that required further scrutiny, maybe check out and find what the trip was about. we want to better understand the neighborhood to try and figure out, are there certain incubators where radicalization is likely to happen. in madrid, they were radicalized in a barer shop. in london, they radicalized in a bookstore. some public places at the nypd could go to and most importantly online. >> paul: had you a couple trip wires. an overs
. the fbi says three days after the devastating bombing at the boston marathon, three college friends of the surviving bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev, fearing he might have been one of the bombers went to his college dorm room and found a black backpack containing empty fireworks tubes. they decided to take it and throw it away. after searching a boston area landfill, the fbi says agents found the backpack five days ago containing the empty fireworks tubes that so alarmed tsarnaev's friends. federal bomb technicians say they believe the marathon bombs were likely made using the explosive powder from fireworks. the three charged today -- robel phillipos of cambridge, and two men from kazakhstan here on student visas, dias kadyrbayev and azamat tazhayakov appeared briefly in federal court in boston to face charges of obstructing justice and lying to investigators. the fbi says the three became concerned the night the fbi released pictures of the bombing suspects. >> somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers or family members of the suspects. >> rep
days after the bombing, a national security source confirmed to fox news that members of the fbi's joint terrorism task force wanted to question the two men about their actions after the 18th when the fbi posted this surveillance video of the bombing suspects and whether they took any action to help the tsarnaevs at dzhokhar's direction. fox news has learned that at some point after the bombings, when the tsarnaevs were on the run the two friends of dzhokhar's went to his apartment and took some computers and other equipment. at some point thereafter it's alleged they tried to dump the equipment but it's unclear whether the equipment had any investigative value. right now we are waiting for the white house briefing and whether we will see comments from spokesman jay carney on this new round of arrests connected to the case. on friday just shortly after your broadcast, megyn the head of the house intelligence committee told fox news the source of the investigation was expanding citing persons of interest in the fbi case. >> it is is very clear when you take the totality of it that
tsarnaev have been arrested and charged. >> reporter: the fbi says three days after the devastating bombing at the boston marathon three college friends of the surviving bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev fearing he may have been one of the bombers went to his college dorm and found a black pabackpack and thw it away. agents found the backpack five days ago containing those empty fireworks tubes. federal bomb technicians believe the marathon bombs were made using the explosive powder from fireworks. the three charged today, robel phillipos and two men from kazakhstan, azamat tazhayakov and dias kadyrbayev appeared briefly in court in obstructing justice and lying to investigators. the fbi said the three became concerned the night the fbi released pictures of the bombing suspects. >> somebody knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers or family members. >> reporter: instead of calling the fbi with their suspicions they did something entirely different. court documents said dias kadyrbayev texted he looked like one of his suspects. barely an hour after the fbi released the suspe
not yet confirmed. boston police say all three are in the custody right now of the fbi. we anticipate they will appear before a federal judge in boston within the next few hours with formal charges being read to them. susan candiotti is in boston. she's been following this story for us from the beginning. give us more information on this dramatic new development today, susan. >> hi, wolf. i must say we've been hearing for quite some time that some additional arrests might be coming down the pike. and sure enough this appears to be the case. we are learning more about these charges from two sources with whom we have been regularly in touch with. here are the details. one of them is a charge about lying to investigators. the other is a conspiracy to obstruct justice. the lying part we are told according to one of our sources involves allegedly knowing about the whereabouts of the suspect or suspects of the bombing after the bombing took place. knowing them or seeing them after the bombing took place. the other charge of obstruction of justice involves allegedly disposing of items that w
turned suspects. azamat tazhayakov also informed the fbi agents that while eating a meal with dzhokhar and kadyrbayev, approximately one month prior to the marathon bombing, dzhokhar explained to them that he knew how to make a bomb. joining us now from washington is former secret service agent dan bonji nrk o and in boston nbc news national investigative correspondent michael isikoff. michael, these are serious charges alleging serious acts of obstruction. why would these three be doing any of this unless there was good reason for them to hide evidence? >> reporter: it's totally bizarre, martin. this is already -- there's so many wild aspects to this whole boston marathon investigation and in many respects, it's even gotten wilder and more inexplicable today. i should point out that there's nothing in the criminal complaint that suggests that any of these three had prior knowledge of the bombing, were accomplices in the bombing, or were co-conspirators in any direct way in the decision to blow up the boston marathon bombing. which -- to commit that bombing. which in many respects make
. all friends of dzhokhar tsaranev. pete williams, with the details. >> reporter: the fbi says three days after the devastating bombing at the boston marathon, three college friends of the surviving bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsaranev, fearing he might have been one of the bombers, went to his college dormroom and found a black backpack containing empty fireworks tubes. they decided to throw it away. after searching the landfill, agents found the backpack, containing the empty fireworks tubes that alarmed tsaranev's friends. bomb technicians say they believe that the bombs were made using explosive powder from the fireworks. the three appeared briefly in federal court in boston to face charges of obstructing justice. the three became concerned the night the fbi released pictures of the bombing suspects. >> somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family members of the suspects. >> reporter: but investigators say instead of calling the fbi, with their suspicions, they did something entirely different. court documents say they texted to his friend
that the fbi was releasing those photographs of the two suspects of the two tsarnaev brothers. at that point, they had not been publicly identified by name, just photos. but these two students and the third one, the three being charged today, recognize tsarnaev. they are friends with him. they decide to go to his apartment. there's actually some fascinating texting that goes on. that evening. and it is outlined in the complaint, if i can just read some of them. diaz, who seems to be the main player here, texts tsarnaev and says he looks like the guy on tv. tsarnaev's response, lol, laugh out loud, you bet are not text me. and come to my room and take whatever you want. now those are taken as jokes, at least the first two. but then they all assemble and do go to the dorm of tsarnaev. they enter the dorm, the roommate lets them in, and they take a backpack filled with fireworks, because they did not want him to get into trouble. at least that the explanation that they gave, that's outlined in this fbi complaint. and then on top of that, they take his laptop computer. actually, the reason for t
affected. did the government miss a chance to stop the carnage when the fbi questioned tamerlan tsarnaev in 2011? former homeland security secretary michael chertoff will weigh in. >>> three more suspects just appeared in court in connection with this case. the justice department says two of them, tazhayakov and kadyrbayev are nationals of kazakh stap charged with conspiracy to obstruct jus tils. the third, a u.s. citizen, is charged with making false statements. all three are friends of dzhokhar tsarnaev and fellow students at the university of massachusetts dartmouth but officials caution so far no evidence showed these three knew about the attacks before hand. today's charges are about their actions after. the two students are seen with dzhokhar tsarnaev in this picture in times square from sometime last year. now, here are the facts as asserted by the criminal complaints against these three released just moments ago. on thursday, april 18th, three days after the bombing, after the photographs of the suspects were released by the fbi, kadyrbayev was driving home when phillipos called
that there is a new arrest in the ricin latter case. the fbi believes it has the right man this time. a former radio announcer and one time candidate for the state legislature was recently charged with child molestation. he was taken into custody. news,o see some other flight delays provide a lesson on budgeting, as u.s. infrastructure ages, priorities for spending come into play. it was a disaster for people who fly. thousands of flights were delayed for hours on end. and the story in the washington post talks about the lessons learned from the fears over flight delays. we are asking this morning about the relationship between media and the see insiders at last night's white house correspondents' dinner. i just don't understand why so many people are having a negative effect from this affair. 14 of our presidents have done ease and it is to sort of tensions between congress and between theuse and correspondence and the rest of the media. they all have a little fun for one night. any ofesn't mean that them are not taking care of the business of the day, which i am sure they all are. don'tmean, i jus
, hold on. tom fuentes, former fbi assistant director now cnn law enforcement analyst is joining us right now. what do you make of this breaking news right now? three additional people, we believe students from the university of massachusetts, dartmouth campus have now been arrested, tom? >> wolf, i think it says that the fbi was suspicious of them from the very beginning and used the fact that they were illegally here overstaying their student visa as the reason that would allow them to detain them long enough to develop the evidence that they needed to bring the charges today. so these are a couple of people that they were already wondering from the beginning if they could have been helping the brothers either before, during or after the bombing. my information is -- >> go ahead, tom. what's your information? >> just that these charges have to do with after the bombing, that helping dispose of evidence, which is obstruction, everything professor dershowitz just mentioned, lying to the fbi, obstruction of justice and because there were a couple of them doing it together, that makes it co
by the f.b.i. what do you know about this? what can you tell us? >> without going in details is how the russians got the information, we do know that the russians had information involving the mother, involving the son, which if they made it available to the f.b.i., back in 2011, its would have made the investigation more different. they certainly had evidence showing that the mother thought he was certainly sympathetic toward jihad. toward the islamic fundamentalism and they did not share it with the f.b.i. if they had it could have change dramatically. it also shows that the mother is not an innocent bystander. she also believes in jihad. she is also radical. that is why you heard the general mccall mention that. no doubt that she is a factor in this. at least as far as the thinking. whether or not she was involved in the plot, that we don't know. but certainly, she facilitated his thinking toward radicalism and she was almost proud of him being islamic fundamentalist if not terro terrorist. >> eric: tamerlan was on the c.i.a. terror watch, the f.b.i. she was on the other data bas
of suckers. >> bill: we are suckers. next on the rundown, is the fbi doing all it can to get to the bottom of the boston terror bombing. later the horrendous murder rates. some say it's about guns. it's not. it's about race. it's about race. we're coming right b join us at it's about race. we're coming right b your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her... no. no! no. ...likes 50% more cash. but i don't give up easy... do you want 50% more cash? yes! yes?! ♪ [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase, plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? why? and we've hit the why pha
are suckers. next on the rundown, is the fbi doing all it can to get to the bottom of the boston terror bombing. later the horrendous murder rates. some say it's about guns. it's not. it's about race. it's about race. we're coming right b the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her... no. no! no. ...likes 50% more cash. but i don't give up easy... do you want 50% more cash? yes! yes?! ♪ [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase, plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? why? and we've hit the why phase... >> in the impact segment tonight, a number of things swirling around the fbi. miranda rights, interviewing the oldest terrorist wife and failing to monitor the two brothers before the terror attack are all in play right now. today, president obama said he has confidence in the bureau. >> based on what i have seen so far. the fbi performed its duties, the department of homeland secur
who was under fbi investigation in an unrelated case. we already know that the fbi launched an inquiry into the older brother after russia filed a request with the u.s. government but the conversations with jihad and the fourth's recorded conversation of persons of interest remember only disclosed to investigators a few days ago. the questions were why would the russians withhold this crucial detail from the fbi? and in another development we are finally hearing from the man known at misha. the man they said was responsible for radicalizing the older brother. he said it started in 2009 and in cambridge. he said this person took his brain, he just brainwashed him completely. a reporter from the new york review said hisha, a 39-year-old, lives in an apartment complex with his elderly parents. he was a convert to islam and he had known the boston bombing suspect but he flatly denies any part in the bombing saying i was not his teacher. if i had been his teacher, i would have made sure he never did anything like this. here's reaction to the latest developments on the case. former l.a. poli
. >>> also tonight, breaking news. female dna found on the boston bomb parts. female dna, as the fbi takes dna samples from the home of the dead suspect's widow. >>> we begin with that ground-breaking day in u.s. sports. nba center jason collins today became the first active player in a major american team sport to come out publicly. the 34-year-old free agent made the announcement in an essay for "sports illustrated." on his own makes the news more extraordinary. recently there has been speculation that several athletes might possibly come out at the same time, a scenario that would have taken the pressure off sniany single athl. that's not how this happened. here's lisa sylvester. >> reporter: jason collins played 12 nba seasons for a variety of teams but it's not his stats that people will remember him for. rather, these three sentences. quote, i'm a 34-year-old nba center. i'm black and i'm gay. collins is the first gay athlete currently playing in one of the top four u.s. major league sports to come out. in an essay in "sports illustrated" magazine, collins writes how he kept i-report
of the boston pressure cooker bombs had female dna on it. fbi agents today searching his widow's home, emerging with a bag labeled dna samples. meantime, authorities now say they know what killed the older suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev. however, they're not yet making it public. his body, meantime, goes unclaimed by either his widow or his family. they say they'll make the results of what killed him public once body heen claimed. they say that's the procedure. also, more sharp reaction today to news that russian authorities two years ago intercepted a call from one of the brothers back to their mother in dagestan, a vague conversation apparently about jihad. the younger suspect, now in a ten by ten foot cell outside boston, has a new lawyer on his defense team specializing in death penacases. her name is judy clark. she once defended jared loughner, the tucson shooter. joe johns joins me tonight along with nick payton walsh. isdnfound on one of the pressure cookers, what more can you tell us? what might it mean? >> there's no way to tell at this point, quite frankly. what could it mean, we don't k
] >> shepard: so what are their connections to the brothers at the center of it all? >> he assisted the fbi in its investigation. he is just as shocked and horrified by the violence in boston as the rest of the community is. >> shepard: plus, the dead bomber's body, what should become of his remains? but first from fox this wednesday night, they realized their friend was one of the boston marathon bombers. but, instead of calling the fbi, they tried to cover his tracks. that's what the feds are saying as fox reports tonight about the two new suspects now facing charges of plotting to destroy evidence. there is a third suspect as well. and he is an american citizen charged with lying to federal investigators. prosecutors say two of the suspects are from kazakhstan. here they are in times square. last year, with the accused bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's on the right. prosecutors say these two guys plotted to get rid of march testify's computers after they realized he was one of the marathon bombing suspects. friends did not want tsarnaev to, quote, get in trouble. one of the students was in
of the federal guideline that the f.b.i. has to deal with as well. the attorney general guidelines. in order to use an informant or undercover, one had to meet a certain legal predicate and if you didn't meet that legal predicate, you couldn't open the investigation. if you had you had an ongoing investigation and you no longer were meeting that legal predicate, it was my job to advise that the highest levels you've got to shut that investigation down. so there was oversite internally on this process. >> there has been no change in the new york pd behavior in the wake of any criticism from the courts. thank you. >> no, not at all. >> thanks for being here. when we come back, questioning the surviving bombing suspect gets cut short, possibly sacrificing valuable intelligence and the f.b.i. and c.i.a. both fail to heed warnings about his older brother in the runup to the boston attack. has the u.s. government let its guard down in the years since 9-11 [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness... accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer.
told the reporter that the fbi told him they were about to close his case and he could get on with his life. >> shepard: for more on the prison facility, let's bring in the founder of the firm, national prison and sentencing consultants. john webster. john happened to serve 13 months in federal prison for lying to the fbi while reading a client in a new jersey securities fraud case, and spent part of the sentence in the same housing unity dzhokar sir never is now in custody. how is that place? >> well, i heard the reporter indicate that devon is a minimum security facility and that's partly accurate. there's a minimum security federal prison camp adjacent. but it's a federal medical center with see several different security levels and tsarnaev is in a special housing unit. and it's special. i mean that in an unpleasant way. i will unfortunately was placed in the same housing unit for 28 days when i first arrived because of lack of bed space. and once you're in that facility, regardless of who you are or why you're there, you're treated all the same. it is a tone-by-ten room, a steel b
as we said, from the very beginning, he assisted the fbi in this investigation. he is just as shocked and horrified by the violence in boston. >> my client feels horrible and was shocked to hear that someone that he knew at the university of massachusetts started was involved with the boston marathon bobbing. he has cooperated fully with the authorities and looks forward to the jews coming and in this case lou: but according to the fbi that three men realized tsarnaev was one of the boss and bombers three days after the tax. officials released surveillance video of the suspects. that is when they allegedly decided to help tsarnaev by going to his dorm room at the university of massachusetts dartmouth and throwing away the suspects laptop and a backpack said to have contained seven red tubes of fireworks that had been emptied of their explosive powder. so far there is no charge the three men had any prior knowledge of the marathon bombings or worked on the plan, but a month before the attacks the criminal complaint alleges that tsarnaev told his friends he knew how to make a bomb. my f
of the bombs. but as of yet, no match. scrutiny of a different sort as critics question the fbi handling of intelligence received from russia about the older brother. the president staunchly defending the agency's handling. >> the fbi investigated that older brother. it's not as if the fbi did nothing. they not only investigated the older brother, they interviewed the older brother. >> reporter: and for the first time we're hearing tamerlan talk, introducing himself in this boxing video that aired on "entertainment tonight." >> are you excited? >> yes. why not? you know. >> reporter: meanwhile tamerlan's widow has given the medical examiner's office consent to release his body to his family. back to that carjacking victim, danny, he says that during the 90 minutes in the car with the two brothers they talked about manhattan, and as it turns out, they had made spontaneous plans to go to new york and set off explosives in times square, according to authorities. so, had danny not escaped and set off a massive manhunt there could have been more lives lost. i asked danny if he feels like a he
have tried to protect a man considered by many to be public enemy number one. the fbi has been suspicious of the friend since the day of the manhunt when s.w.a.t. teams raided the college campus and agents took two of them into custody on immigration charges. those two, both from kazakhstan, azamat tazhayakov and dias kadyrbayev, traveled with the suspect tsarnaev last year and proudly posing if thr photograph. >> dias kadyrbayev denies the charges. he helped in the investigation. >> a third person charged, a u.s. citizen, robel ful phil had been friends with tsarnaev since high school. he appeared to be an articulate, intelligent young man. >> the idiosyncrasies of ten years of rigorous work. >> reporter: but agents say dzhokhar's friends recognized him immediately when the surveillance photos were made public. >> we consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. >> and decided top him by getting rid of potential evidence. >> reporter: t . >> the government allegations that he saw him and recognized him immediately, we dispute. we look forward to prove og our case in court
to be with you. the f.b.i. arresting a new suspect in that case. 41-year-old everett dutschke, you can see him right here. he was taken into custody early this morning at his home in mississippi. this comes just days after all the charges were dropped against another man. elizabeth prann is live from washington and she's following this story for us today. elizabeth, what can you tell us about this guy? >> initially authorities were searching the home and former business of 41-year-old everett dutschke this week. today he's now in custody, arrested on unspecified charges. the f.b.i. arresting the marshal arts instructor early this morning without incident in tupelo, mississippi. he's in the hands of the u.s. marshal service. this is in reference to the ricin letters sent. we have heard no response from his attorney today, but this week she did tell the media he has no involvement. dutschke himself also denies any wrongdoing. this is him before his arrest on tuesday. >> just simply blows my mind that the paranoid antigovernment schizophrenic is the one that wraps up me who is his fantasy world,
is this man, james everett dusty, and why did the fbi find their way to him. >> reporter: don, they say he lived behind me in the house with his wife. his attorney says he ran a martial arts studio in town that was closed after he was charged in a child molestation case earlier this year. we also know that he ran for a seat in the mississippi house in 2007 against a man named steve holland. now, holland's mother is a judge here and she received one of those ricin letters. we talked to holland about the arrest. here is what steve holland had to say. >> this could have been devastating, very devastating. i mean, mom could have died had this taken the worst case scenario and that would have been tragic, of course. thank goodness she's fine. we just want to move on. >> reporter: now, we first learned about dust key in a hearing for the original suspect. in that hearing, he said he was framed and said dusty was a possible suspect. then curtis was freed and the charges against him were dropped. now it seems the investigation has taken yet another turn. don? >> alina, he has other legal problems
at that point this is the guy the fbi is looking for? >> no. >>> the heated town hall conversation between senator kellie ayotte and the daughter of sandy hook's slain principal. >> i'm just wondering why the burden of my mother being gunned down in the has of her elementary school isn't as important. >> here hear senator ayotte's response coming up. >> the moral and security dilemma, and the hunger strike of more than half the prisoners. >> i don't want these individuals to die. obviously the pentagon is trying to manage the situation as best they can. but i think all of us should reflect on why exactly are we doing this? i want does anyone have a solution to the political and security road blocks to closing this prison? we'll hear from the top democrat on house armed services, congressman adam smith. >>> and could you live 1.50 a day? the vice president's sons are going to be here to tell us how they joined the campaign to make people aware of global hunger. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington with breaking news. the fbi has noun taken into custody three additional people in
they even bought an iphone together. these are two young men who spoke cooperatively with the fbi. they're being detained on student visa violations. >> so they're in custody? >> they are. they have a hearing today and that will keep them in custody more. >> let's make clear as well. they're in custody for something completely unrelated, but that will give them an ample amount of opportunity to question them. >> that's right. ice has said they have no direct role in the bombing itself. they still have a high interest in these men nevertheless. >> thank you for that. i want to touch on the issue susan alluded to. the lawyers who are defending the boston bombing suspect have a pretty incredible client list. one of the most notorious of mire yam conrad's cases involves the show bomber. conrad is like an enemy combatant itself, but truly is that fair? she believes in the sixth amendment guaranteeing everyone a fair trial. >> reporter: when dzhokhar tsarnaev has his day in the court, he will be defended by some of the best lawyers in the business. only two weeks after he and his brother alle
bombings he strongly defended the fbi, despite serious criticism from various members of congress including senator graham. he said mr. graham is not right on this issue. this issue is only just beginning, as a political football, if you will, because there are serious differences between the president on the one hand and senator graham and several other republicans on the other hand. >> right. senator graham and other republicans are saying that the government did not connect the dots properly, to use that phrase. and it took about a nanosecond for senator graham to issue a press release responding to the president, and he said, with all due respect, mr. president, benghazi and boston are compelling examples how our national security systems have deteriorated on your watch. the president said that intelligence did what it needed to do. he was also, i thought, careful not to criticize the russians, although he did say, quote, suspicions remain between our government and the russian government because we also understand that the fbi went to the russian government asking for more information
in "the situation room". >> jake, thanks so much. the fbi enters the family home of tamerlan tsarnaev's widow. we go live to boston for the latest in the investigation of the deadly boston marathon attacks. >>> plus, authorities interviewed the so-called man misha. is it mysterious man the suspect's family may have inspired the massacre. and dzhokhar tsarnaev as we've never heard before. you'll hear his voice in gripping new video that just surfaced online. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >> the fbi descends on the faeb home of the bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev's widow as the search for answers continues exactly two weeks since the deadly boston marathon attacks. cnn international correspondent susan candiotti is in boston, joining us with the very latest on the investigation. susan, what do we know about what the feds were doing inside the home? >> reporter: i can tell you this, wolf. we know that they spent several hours there at her home, getting there early this afternoon. now, the fbi is not saying specifically what they are doing there but of course acknowl
: the fbi says three days after the devastating bombing at the boston marathon, three college friends of the surviving bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev fearing he might be one of the bomb evers went to his college dorm room and found a black backpack and decided to throw it away. agents found the backpack containing the empty tubes. federal bomb tech nerks believe the marathon bombs were made using the explosive powder from fireworks. the three charged phillipos of came ridge and two men from kyrgyzstan charged with obstructing justice and lying to investigators. the fbi said he the three became concerned when the fbi relieved pictures out there. >> somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, coworkers, or family members of the suspects. >> reporter: but investigators say instead of calling the fbi with their suspicions, they did something entirely different. court documents say kadyrbayev said he looks like one of the suspects and dzhokhar said come to my room and take whatever you want. barely an hour after the suspect photos were relieved the three friends di
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